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You pretty much worked miracles… I did not expect to walk out of there feeling so different and energized about our future. There are not enough ‘thanks’ to express how grateful I am, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone.

Today was honestly the best day in the office I’ve had in the last 9 years… Thank you to the team who made it all possible. You seriously knocked it out of the ballpark. Levi was the perfect fit to come lead us today.

I really appreciate you taking the time to come talk with us today. It gave us a new perspective and plenty to work towards as a team. We have a long way to go but your words gave me hope and helped a lot of people realize that change is not a bad word.

You truly partnered with me to make the retreat an amazing experience. Also, the debriefing we did the following day was well done. We identified the 3 items we needed to target right away. As a result, we are moving forward on our most important initiatives. Thank you for your partnership.

Retreat Facilitation

If you want the culture or environment of your team to be healthier and are considering a one or two day off-site to work through some issues, I’d love to help.

I collaborate with business owners and leadership teams to help them have more effective retreats or off-sites by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Collaborating with team leaders prior to the event to understand the team’s unique challenges and to develop a customized agenda and set of goals. I specifically do not have a one size fits all program. Every agenda and facilitation strategy is developed uniquely for each team.
  2. Enabling team leaders to fully participate in the event by taking responsibility for facilitation, keeping the team on task and on schedule. Without third-party facilitation, leaders are required to focus more on the mechanics of the day instead of fully participating and everyone suffers.
  3. Fleshing out conflict among all participants in a healthy and constructive manner ensuring every voice is heard and all the issues are on the table. Participants who are more concerned about office politics and work dynamics the next morning will keep their opinions to themselves and dominant personalities will rule the day. I draw out conflict in a manner that helps everyone be heard and work together to understand the problems and commit to change.

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Culture Checkup

Would you like to get an outside perspective on how healthy your company’s culture is? Maybe you’re an investor performing due diligence on an investment or acquisition and want to know as much about the health of the team as the health of the books.

I offer a one day, onsite service during which I interview a sampling of employees, review new hire and employee related processes and documentation and share conclusions and opportunities for improvement with the leadership team. I specialize in recognizing opportunities and challenges that people within the organization tend to overlook due to familiarity or other biases. I focus on helping the leadership team understand how improving the culture or environment for employees translates to reduced costs, more innovative products and better service for customers.

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Technology Checkup

Are you a business owner, CEO or COO who you like a CTO/CIO level assessment of your technology infrastructure including security, customer experience, productivity, remote access and more? I offer a one day, onsite service during which I review your current infrastructure, interview a sampling of employees and meet with the leadership team to share conclusions and opportunities for improvement. I specialize in bridging the technology and business communication gap and opportunities to leverage technology to dramatically improve the business or reduce business risk.

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Executive Coaching

Whether you are an emerging leader or a seasoned business owner, everyone has room for improvement as a leader. Without an insightful and candid outside perspective, it’s difficult to notice and address blindspots, whether with one’s own leadership or broader issues impacting a team or organization that impact a leader’s effectiveness. I offer executive coaching for a minimum of six month terms and specialize on working with leaders remotely by phone and email.

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About Levi Smith

Throughout my business career, creating exceptional cultures has been the core tenet of my leadership and growth philosophy. Groups of people, organizations, are at their best when they know how they fit into a larger story and are empowered to simply replicate the behaviors, patterns and norms modeled around them. Exceptional cultures enable organizations to grow, innovate and adjust with an ease and speed that creates a competitive advantage and allows all the stakeholders to enjoy the journey.

For more than nine years prior to founding the Luvo Group in 2012, I led The Karis Group, Inc., a healthcare company in Austin, TX, as an owner, CEO and member of the board. In addition to the Luvo Group, I am an entrepreneur, technologist, recovering attorney and active blogger. I closed down my first business because it was ruining my childhood. I have launched several companies including a technology-consulting firm, a marketing firm, Woodpile BBQ and Billy Boxes. I understand what it takes to launch, run and grow a company. You can learn more about my background by viewing my LinkedIn profile or my visual resume.

I reside in the Boise, ID area with my wife and three young children. I spend my spare time smoking meats, woodworking and enjoying time with friends and family around the dinner table.

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